Doing it for Ourselves highlights the contributions of queer people of colour in the UK who are actively working towards creating positive change within their community.

Through this project, I aim to increase awareness and understanding, pay tribute to their efforts, and inspire hope for a better future. Just as the people who came before us faced significant adversity, including racism and other challenges, notably the AIDS epidemic, I recognise the progress that has been made and believe it is our turn to fight and stand our ground.

I am motivated by the desire to expand my knowledge, provoke meaningful conversations, and foster a sense of unity among diverse voices. As I embark on this journey I ask all participants the same three simple questions:

  1. What pushed you to act?
  2. How much change have you witnessed?
  3. What’s next for you and/or your project?

Together, we strive to create a more inclusive and empowered community for all.